Deposit and Withdrawal
at HappyLuke Slots Online

Before you can bet and receive special deals on HappyLuke, you need to deposit into your account first. Doing that will only take you 5 minutes by following our Deposit Guide below.

How to deposit on HappyLuke 

The minimum deposit on Happyluke is 5 USD and the maximum deposit is 5,000 USD per transaction. To deposit money to your account, you need to use your real bank account that has your correct name only. 

First, you need to go to Happyluke and login to your account. Once you’re already logged in, please click “Deposit”  (pictured above). 

After that, you will see the deposit page pictured above. Every deposit method has different transfer duration, please see below for more details: 

  • Bank Transfer – 15 minutes 
  • Instant Banking – immediately
  • Deposit online – 10 minutes 
  • Fast Cash – immediately
  • QR code – immediately 

If you choose Bank Transfer as your payment method as pictured, you can follow the step by step guide here: 

  • (1) – Choose the amount to deposit  
  • (2) – Choose your bank and please fill in your bank account name 
  • (3) – Once you have checked that all information are correct, please click “Continue” 

After you have clicked continue from the last page, it will lead you to the page pictured above. You need to transfer the deposit amount to the account details provided (don’t forget to double check the Deposit Amount before transfer).

Once the transfer is successful, you can now attach the deposit slip as proof of the transaction. 

  • (1) – Attach the copy of payslip, fill-in transfer time and your correct account number
  • (2) – Don’t forget to click confirm Payment 

Once you have completed the deposit, you will see a message that says “Congratulations! All submitted valid deposits should reflect on your accounts instantly. Thank you!”

How to Withdraw on HappyLuke 

You can withdraw money to your bank account whenever you want! But if you have received promotions and bonuses for the game, then you need to make sure that you have read the withdrawal instructions first. Some promotions might ask you to make turnover points before you can withdraw your money.  

Once you have logged in on HappyLuke casino website, please click “My casino” (1) and choose “Withdraw” (2). 

You can only withdraw at your Local Bank. The minimum amount is 10 USD and The maximum amount is 5,000 USD per transaction. 

  • (1) – Choose your withdrawal amount as you want 
  • (2) – Continue to withdraw

Once you continue to this page, please review the processing time and the transfer time. If you agree to the conditions, you can then click “Make withdrawal”

To continue processing, you need to fill-in your bank account details. 

  • (1) – Write down your Account Number and Branch Name  
  • (2) – Fill-in your City and Province 
  • (3) – Click continue to withdraw your money now! 

After this, your money will be transferred to your Local Bank account following the processing time which will be 3-4 business days.